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Shendl Tuchman 

Shendl Tuchman, Psy.D.  Psychologist
Oakland, CA

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Oakland, CA
Shendl Tuchman, Psy.D.
19 Glen Eden Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611

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I specialize in working with individuals and couples as they try to manage their relationships: preserving them, ending them, changing them. This includes the effects of divorce and moving from a pre-divorce to a post-divorce family, whether through the court system or Integrative Mediation (IM). 

IM is a process designed to help parents take control over the decisions that will impact their lives and the lives of their children for many years, without going to court.  Separating and divorcing parents work together with one attorney and one psychologist to make the important parenting and financial decisions needed to transition themselves and their children.  While going through a divorce you might feel isolated and alone as you face legal issues, emotional turmoil, concerns for your children and financial questions. I will work with you to address your feelings, perhaps of anger, confusion and loss which can impair decision-making at this critical time. 

Divorce is an emotional event with legal and financial ramifications, not a legal and financial event with emotional consequences. As a family therapist, I will help you be clear about what is most important to you, the entire family, and especially the impact of divorce on your children.

Co-Parenting: Communicating for Results (C4R) is a course I teach for co-parents who could benefit from improving their communication skills as they work to raise their children from separate households.  Go to my website for more information about the course and how to register for it.

I also offer individual and couples therapy for those wanting to work on themselves and their significant relationships.